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Format Suggestions

I would like to see us do more of a becker-posner thing... one in-depth view of something, and then a critique/alternate view, and maybe a rebuttal after... rather than a free form thing.

Brian, I like the idea. I think that both the structured and free-form formats have their advantages, so here's an idea:

Let's assign 2 people to pro/con an issue every week. Hopefully we can get a crew of between 6-10. A Becker-Posner format requires a lot of time committment, which I think is why most blogs fail. But if we just assign 2 people per week to do it, and we rotate, it seems more feasible. When it's not your week to do the intensive pro/con, you make free form posts. Whatever you want.

What do you think?

sounds like a winner.
I just don't want this to become the transcript for conversations that take place, sober, inebriated, or otherwise at 505 Lyon.
I think one reason v1.0 failed was it got a lil too ad hominem and a lil less formal.

that said, at least for the summer, my vision for this blog is to be a way for us to hold an informal conversation about poliitcs. it's nice to put thoughts down on paper, and i'm always interested to hear what you guys have to say.

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