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Black People Love Jeff Smith

I have been a fan of black people love us since the late '90s. However, I always thought it was too over the top to be believable--surely no white person was really like that. I was proven wrong by St. Louis' own 4th senate district candidate Jeff Smith, whose website photo section seems ot be a non-ironic recreation of it. Thoughts?

That's just hysterical. The one where he's in the middle of 5 or 6 big gentleman, them laughing and smiling and pointing at him is priceless.

Still, Thoughts on the Fourth SD:
El Amin is slowly securing the north side, as arch city reported last week, and i happen to agree with one of the commentors that while Derio can't win, he could spoil enough votes from Jeff Smith (who I predict, will not do well enough on the northside to win) to allow El Amin the upset.

I think that'd be bad - El Amin was a pretty poor and inarticulate rep., and StL Black Dems assertions aside, the fourth is not a "black seat", nor for that matter is any seat. Ill be frank, some seats will be historically black or camelot white for their entire history, but that's hardly justification for voting for a sub-standard legislator.

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