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Empirics of a Mushroom Trip

I couldn't find an actual link to the article, but this overview of the effects of mushrooms is pretty interesting:
More than 60 per cent had a mystical experience when given psilocybin. More
than two-thirds rated it in the top five most meaningful and spiritual
experiences in their lives, likening it to the birth of a child or the death of
a parent. One in three said it was their single most spiritually significant

However, one-third reported significant adverse reactions, such as fear
and paranoia.

The article went on to say that most of the sample was educated middle-income adults without extraordinary pscyhological histories.

Likening the experience to the birth of a child or the death of a parent? My experience was very insightful and emotionally charged, but also depressing and very uncomfortable. I'd be interested to read the article once I can get a hold of it. I'm particularly curious in what factors are associated with good and bad trips.