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Terrorism in India, and why Jack's wrong

Have to start getting ready for work within ten minutes, so I don't have time to insert the germane links to articles that I'm basing my conclusions from, but a simple Google news search will provide more than enough information.

Jack's claim during an AIM conversation* today is that the terrorist bombings in Mumbai today are likely an Al-Quaeda* response to the India-US nuclear exchange deal. I think this is unlikely for several reasons.

1. The deal itself was signed, or brokered last year.
2. The deal hasn't even passed Congress.
3. The only germane development is the expected tacit endorsement of the deal by the G8 this week. It's still up in the air whether or not the US will be able to persuade the Nuclear Suppliers Group to lift their nuclear embargo on India without an Indian committment to the NPT.
4. Al Quaeda isn't known to uniquely target India. In fact, it's more likely what's left of Al-Quaeda is probably focusing more on attacking the mainland US, US embassies, high profile govermental or economic targets situated on terrority belonging to key US allies (like the Saudis), and I'll throw Israel in there for good measure.
5. Terrorist attacks in India can be broadly and generally categorized into terrorism with religious motives (hindus vs. Muslims, etc) and separatist terrorism such from Kashmiri Islamic rebels or the Tamil Tigers. My knowledge of other terrorist history in this arena is shallow, so you'll excuse any omission.
6. Specifically, Kashmiri rebels have recently been blamed for attacks of this style in the recent past. THere's no indication that there's any Quaeda involvment, though I'm sure they'd approve.

*Read an interesting article on the nomenclature we've adopted in describing Al-quaeda; I'll try to post something on that soon.

**I was more than passably surprised that Jack had the free time to get on the internet given both the number of 15 year olds in Poland and the amount of tasty bison herbed vodka.