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I Call This Shut The Fuck Up Dana Season

I would like to introduce the first winner of the Han's D-Bag award, and despite what you might think it is not our track jacket sporting friend Brian. It is....

Washington Post's Milbank: "I call this treason season. It's the time it happened in 2002, happened 2004, it's
happening again now, when Republicans go around and say, Vote Democrat and die, essentially, that the Democrats are with the terrorists. ... Democrats predictably respond to this by whining and saying, 'that's unfair, and of course we're patriotic,' when in reality, that's just playing into the hands of the Republicans making the charges" ("Countdown," MSNBC, 9/13).

A) Treason season are you fucking kidding me B) worse analysis ever! It is like he was like I am not going to look at what's going on and assume it is just like before. Dana Milbank you sir are a douche bag.

Fear the track jacket!

don't worry. we already do...

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