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On Iran

Ooohie... interesting lil scheduling snafu - Presidents Bush and Ahmenidjad (sp?) will both be speaking at the UN tomorrow... Miles O'Brien on American Morning today asked their WH reporter "what happens if they run into each other in the bathroom?"
That I would PAY to see...
might go something like this...

"President Bush!...How's it hanging?"
"Fuck you you shit-eating coon dune."
"I already have a wife you emasculated terrier - So when are you going to let me have the bo- I mean, let Iran practice the self determination it requires?"
"Over my cold dead body, rag head, when I'm snorting coke off 72 virgins' asses in paradise. And look, I know I got a cock the size of a scud missile, but would you mind not peering over the stall?"
"Sorry, I didn't realize you were as big an arrogant prick in person as you come off to be on sky news... I just thought it was the fucking euro trash shitting on you. "
"Well at least we can agree on that. Tell you what - no more of these stupid fuckin open letters and maybe we'll talk." (zips up, turns to walk toward the basin)
"Why not let me have the bomb? it helps stabilze the region!" (hurriedly zips up)
"bullshit! - someone explain why not to this koran humper - you! Pointdexter!"
"It's Hadley, sir." [ed. note - Hadley = NSA Stephen Hadley]
"Ya, whatever. Just tell him why that ain't gonna happen. "
"President Ahmenijad, we believe that with atomic weapons you'll hold your reserves hostage or worse attack israel. Although we don't import oil from you we can't allow that supply shock to the world market. And you know we can't let you fuck with the heebs. If you get the bomb, they will bomb you, with nukes made right here in the ole USA. Egypt burns itself into the med, the saudis freak out, all hell breaks loose. You get the idea. "
"That's a bit paranoid. I mean, you said as much about Pakistan, and we have better technology and safeguards. And you just excepted the Indians from the non proliferation treaty. You want access to our markets? you treat us like the rest of the modern world!"
"Oh yea, I'm sure there are oodles of American corporations ready to send their people over to a country who calls us the great satan... or for that matter something that the mullahs would allow. All that's beside the point. The first thing is India is different - they are 1.1 billion dot heads and only what? 80 million of you? We have to have them. Fuckin Gooks. We don't have to have you. This conversation is over Mak-mood."