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Imagine Drudge-esque Siren

Missouri's hottest race by far, besides THAT one, is Missouri's 2nd State Senate race. This re-match is a race between Scott Rupp and Wayne Henke. So, what are Scott Rupp's views on the religious people of his district. If his closet advisors are any indication they are narrow and highly prejudicial.

Here is the breakdown:

Meet Matthew Seeds
He registered with Rep. Dempsy to get e-mail updates (click on images to enlarge)

note Matt's email Matthewlu2004@yahoo.com

Matt uses this email to register a xanga

Matt then tells us all his thoughts on God

note key passages :

My brother turned Catholic.......(not cool, by the way.....not cool) and my mother goes to a Baptist church now.....(not cool, again....not cool)


So, the Seeds Trio has split, with my brother going to a Catholic church...sure we sang recently before he went to the dark side...

So who is Matthew Seeds?

Well Scott Rupp's campaign worker

and he holds the most trusted position of all--Tresaurer