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Things I Believe In

So, I was curious today, what policies do I believe in, favor, promote, etc. Here is a brief list I typed up earlier tonight. Of course, in order for me to favor certain policies, they have to be implemented at the appropriate level of jurisdiction (national, state, school district, University, etc.). Capitalization is haphazard as I toyed in using the enumerated items title headings for brief descriptions.

1. Tax Gasoline
2. Gay Marriage
3. Repeal Bush Tax Cuts
4. Bipartisan Commission on Handling of War in Iraq
5. Expanded Funding and Testing of Voucher Schools
6. Change from primarily District to primarily State Funding of Education
7. Tax Reform
- don't tax capital
- tax income less
- tax consumption more
- redistribute income to maintain progressiveness
10. Ban on Soda Sales to Children (with possible exemption for high schools)
11. Replace all Min. Wage Initiatives with Strenghten EITC initiatives
12. Allow for Alternative Teacher Certification in Every District
13. Subsidize Car Pool Management Programs for any suburban Building Employing more than 500 people
14. Cut Funding to PBS and NPR
15. Allow first and second but not third term abortions
16. Stem Cells
17. Create a Standing BiPartisan Committee that Evaluates and Criticizes Foreign Policy
18. Incentive Based Pay for Teachers
19. Free Trade
20. Establish a BiPartisan Commission to do a CBA of Various Possible Immigration Flows, and then make national immigration policy off that evidence
21. A District Education Policy: Actively encourage less TV watching
22. Minority Scholarships and Income Inequality should be a higher priority than Minority Studies Programs and Diversity
23. Set Up a Bipartisan Commission to Investigate how to best transition as our Manufacturing Sectors Evaporate
24. Initiate Covert Operations in Sudan
25. No Overt Military Operations in sudan
26. Legalize Marijuana and Regulate it Like Alcohol, if only as an experiment
27. Require Every Piece of Legislation to Be Published Two Weeks Before It is Sent to the President so the Blogosphere Can Rip Into Pork Barrel Spending

let me add some more:

- Encourage torture in 24/Jack Bauer/Tickign Time Bomb Situations

- I favor just about every domestic eavesdropping program the President has implemented, but I think each should have oversight that extends to the Senate

- against the death penalty (in the US, no comment on other countries) on empirical grounds, but empirics can change...

- against virtually all farm subsidies

- bush's Millenium Fund is really super

- i can't comment on constitutionality, but i really have no problem with reasonable protest zones from a policy standpoint

- taxing fat or fast food is a bad idea

- while i think it has moral merit, i think a "campaign against poverty" is morally richer than a "campaign against inequality"

- gender discrimination against women is overblown, or at least, inaccurately communicated. women do better than men at most levels of education, and the 75 cents to the dollar quip is a myth

- gdp is a bad "gold standard" indicator for economic progress. a lot of the ecological economics indicators, though, are also flawed IMO b/c of their inclusion of inequality as a metric.

- schools are too PC and people are being turned into pussies. no one feels comfortable arguing politics. everyone is too emotionally attached. actively encourage debate as an extracurricular activity in all american high schools.

- here's an idea: subsidize the distribution of newspapers (bidding system) to highschoolers and require mandatory weekly news quizzes to promote social and political literacy.

- bring back the future's market for terrorist attacks.

- in fact, incorporate futures markets into virtually every level of policymaking in this country.

- the first bush was a great president. clinton was a great president. nixon was a great president. reagan was not.

- demonizing black republicans is insidious. obscene. and ought to be castigated by democrats.

- there ought to be one Op-Ed in the NYT or the WSJ or the WaPo or better yet all three that takes up an entire page. twice a week.

I am curious why you are opposed to all third term abortions?

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