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Word of the Day

Sasha Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy notes today that
OED's word of the day

is bootylicious, first documented in 1994. Now I understand meaning #2, "Esp. of a woman, often with reference to the buttocks: sexually attractive, sexy; shapely." But what about meaning #1: "Of rap lyrics: bad, weak. rare"? Is it really an insult for a rapper to tell another rapper that his rhymes were bootylicious? The statements it gives in context seem ambiguous to me. Can someone who knows something about rap clue me in on this?

My comment (and certainly not a response) is that I much prefer the more elegant "callipygian", a word that comes from more classic roots ("kallos", which in greek means "beautiful", plus "pyge", or "rump"). The word was (to my knowledge) used to describe a famed statue of Venus. Personally I think that "callipygian" is more under the radar and thus can be used conversationally where for whatever reason, the more vernacular "booylicious" might be inappropriate.