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quick question

Ok, after talking to the Pole about this over burgers and boulevard season on friday night, i've reached a somewhat flummoxing point:
The Saudis have now formally said that should the United States pull out, they will not stand idly by as their Sunni brethren face almost certain cethnic cleansing at the hands of the predominately Shii'a government. However, US withdrawl leads to the end of support for the central government and the end of training the army (which we might think of as a state sponsored shii'a militia).
So paradoxically, it seems that if we stop supporting the shii'a majority, shouldn't the sunni world applaud?
(for those that aren't familiar with with why this is such a big deal, the Volokh Conspiracy has a good discussion of it in a post railing new House Intel Chair Rep. Silvestre Reyes)
I mean, i could see their pause. First, its most likely that no US action is ever going to be satisfactory in the region, short of leaving the Israelis or Kurds high and dry (neither of which we will do, and as a Jew I'm quite happy about that). Second, we've already sunk a huge cost and there will be an effect of there being a large somewhat trained and disciplined Shii'a army (and it's not clear that it'd even be under the central gov't's command, which is even more frightening).
I swear to god, this all didn't occur to me until Fareed Z was on the daily show last night whilst taking a study break.
And of course, as jack pointed out to me, the saudis invading Iraq puts Shii'a Iran on the defensive, which could prompt them to blockade the straight of Hormuz. And then there's the Syrians and turks doing god knows what. All hell breaks loose. Basically, whatever US presence left there would be little more than speed bumps on the highway to WWIII. At least we have an idea of the Worst Case scenario.
Any ways, I don't know what comes next. Scary stuff I tell ya, scary.
My quick question, more or less prompted by last week's ISG report is:
What do you do next?