Sunday, January 21, 2007


I got this before any other blog I know wrote about it. From UPI

Valuable copies of three Revolutionary War-era documents have gone missing after they were mailed to a lawyer for a New York collector.

The documents are known to have formed the basis for the Constitution, the New York Post reported.

Dorothy Tapper Goldman and her insurance company reportedly filed suit against lawyer William Pinzler last week for $1.1l8 million, claiming he lost her copies of "The Federalist Papers," "The Quartering Act" and "The Address and Reasons of Dissent."

The papers, the Post said, were leant to the National Constitution Center for its July 2003 opening. A spokeswoman for the Center said the papers were returned in 2005.

Tapper Goldman reportedly noticed the papers were missing after Pinzler moved his office last June.